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A Virtual Care Platform to support telemedicine and eHealth functionality that provides a single point of documentation and care.  It does so by enabling a rapid, coordinated, flexible and extendable platform enabling Staff to provide live as well as asynchronous eHealth consults to their patients. This is especially important during pandemic-related times, allowing medical staff to interface with their patients virtually when they are unable to have an in-person visit.


The Virtual Care Platform runs on ZuluCloud.  ZuluCloud is designed and built around open standards to ensure full support and interoperate with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. ZuluCloud leverages Open-Source tools, OpenStack, Ansible, and CEPH's object storage to provide a private cloud platform to build virtual machines, containerized applications, or utilize serverless functions.  ZuluCloud is in production and managing over 1.5 billion medical records with seamless data integration to 78 organizations across the U.S. utilizing HIE to provide a single longitudinal medical record using standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware. 


ZuluCare is an API-driven framework allowing the medical community to develop and share data and services with ease.  ZuluCare's zero footprint approach rapidly provides healthcare application and service delivery across all functional domains in your healthcare network. ZuluCare utilizes Pexip as their native video interface, and has plugins that allow integration with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, and PolyCom.  Its’ zero footprint capability means that patients can visit a web page or follow a link and begin a consult with no need to download any software to their device, whether it is a computer, tablet, or cellular phone.  This allows for quick consults with new or inexperienced users for the medical health care provider.


ZuluCare has built the ZuluCloud application with open API standards, providing the ability to integrate with existing hospital medical record systems, whether it be through a custom interface, HL7 communications, or FHIR.  It offers a simple to use billing interface to capture expenses during, or before, the consult. It implements AI technology ‘bots’ that allow the end user to answer medical questions before being connected with a health care provider. All interaction, whether it is voice, video, chat, or notes are recorded and stored in the ZuluCloud for retrieving or sending to another medical interface. Landing page can be customized for the Company’s requirements, as well as custom branded.