Ensuring Data Accessibility, Integrity, and Confidentiality with Healthcare Cloud Storage

LabCorp, Cass Regional Medical Center, East Ohio Regional Hospital, and Ohio Valley Medical Center. Hancock Health. Blue Springs Family Care. Allscripts. All were victims of ransomware attacks in 2018. Outside of the US, the Singapore Ministry of Health experienced a data breach of 1.5 million health records, including the Prime Minister's ePHI. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), ransomware att...

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Shifting CapEx to OpEx in Healthcare IT

Capital expenditures (CapEx) are the star of the show when hospitals open gleaming new centers focused on heart disease, cancer, or children's health. Glossy marketing boasts state of the art facilities and top talent revolving around person-centered care. But seldom do IT expenditures that fall into the CapEx bucket prompt anything more than the expectation of being reliable. When IT monies are used as capital expenses, they are used for hardware, purchased software applications and in-house infrastructure. They are bets hedged on projected demand and technical developments yet to ...

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Using the Healthcare Cloud to Improve Patient Care

Today's healthcare management revolves around a consumer-centric, service model. Patients are customers, and they expect the same ease of access, choices, and informed decision making they exercise in other industries to be available in their healthcare.

Higher Out of Pocket Fees Drive Decisions

A TransUnion Healthcare analysis revealed that for commercially insured patients, th...

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Benefits of Outsourced Healthcare Information Technology Specialists

The field of healthcare information technology is not such a big deal. After all, we've managed so far, haven't we? So what, if there's a small leak here and there, or the access to medical records pipelines get clogged every once in a while, and there's an overflow from time to time, and Well, we can live with that, can't we?

I always smile to myself, when I remember that plumber's ad:

"We repair what your husband fixed".

I enjoy a bit of DIY (do-it-yourself) from time to time - but I do know, that when a job is too big to handle, or too complex, you'v...

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Cut Costs with Cloud Healthcare Information Management

As I have written previously, CIOs across the US have been pointing out to me that both opportunities and expectations for medical records storage, access, and delivery - particularly with regards to cloud storage - are at an all-time high. More electronic health records (EHRs) must be stored and delivered faster and with greater stability and usability (and they'd love it if it could be done cheaper too).Just recently, a number of clinicians told me that they were dissatisfied with the results of an EHR rollout project. I asked them what their criteria was to determine success. Their an...

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