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Transform your healthcare communication with cutting-edge VoIP solutions

As a healthcare organization, it is crucial to have a streamlined communication method for your patients. This is why ZuluCare's HIPAA-compliant VoIP solution, ZuluCall, provides a safe and secure platform for patient communication, ensuring all calls and appointments are confidential and routed to the correct medical professional. With ZuluCall, you can handle high call volumes without compromising patient care and satisfaction. Plus, our solution is affordable and can be up and running in just a few minutes, so you can focus on what matters most — providing exceptional patient care.

ZuluCare is the reliable VoIP solution your healthcare facility needs

Equipped with ZuluCall, you gain:

HIPAA-compliant VoIP features for healthcare organizations

Clear and crisp connection to patients with an easy-to-use interface

Follow-me calling to ensure calls are always routed to the right person

Customizable greetings to create a personalized experience for patients

Local numbers and nationally recognized toll-free numbers to expand your reach

Music/Info on hold to entertain and inform patients while they wait

Automated directory to streamline patient inquiries

ZuluCall Center Software

The ability for agents to be 300% more productive with smart dialers and intelligent routing

Simple and user-friendly interface to enhance agent productivity

CRM integration with all leading providers for seamless recordkeeping

Rapid deployment that gets you up and running in weeks, not months

On-screen caller info puts patient information at agents' fingertips for better service

Excellent customer service

Integration of all communication channels with interaction history to provide context for every conversation

Continuously updated platform and product updates to leverage today's technology and prepare for the future

A solution that is trusted by healthcare providers and companies for its secure and HIPAA-compliant platform

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Don't let communication challenges hinder your healthcare organization's patient care and satisfaction.

Choose ZuluCall, the HIPAA-compliant VoIP solution trusted by healthcare providers and companies. Get in touch with us today to learn more and get started with ZuluCall.