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Streamline your healthcare data with the ZuluExchange document management platform

ZuluExchange is a Meaningful Use-certified OpenAPI platform that serves as a centralized access point for exchanging patient information across multiple systems, departments, facilities, and vendors. Our platform empowers healthcare stakeholders to collaborate and monitor, analyze, and improve healthcare services across communities.

ZuluCare's convenient document management platform will revolutionize your operational capacity.

Equipped with ZuluExchange, you gain:

Upgraded telehealth: ZuluExchange transforms telehealth from a modality to comprehensive clinical care by connecting to a provider's EHR, healthcare applications or devices, improving patient safety, care coordination, and continuity of care.

Empowered telemedicine solutions: OpenFHIR provides a definitive answer to sustainable interoperability for telemedicine, avoiding proprietary APIs or generic interface engines that are less efficient.

Hybrid care delivery model: Our OpenFHIR is a standards-based platform for telemedicine applications that future-proofs your interoperability strategy with advanced technology, allowing for a multitude of data and workflow integrations with compliant EHRs or RPM systems.

Improved care coordination: OpenFHIR OpenAPI integration enhances data normalization providing continuity of care in a variety of healthcare settings, including in-home healthcare and post-acute care.

Enhanced security: ZuluCare's healthcare platform acts as an intermediary, providing a secure gateway and authentication features, audit logs, and user role permissions to protect against hackers and improve HIPAA compliance among records handling systems.

Flexible data communication: ZuluExchange offers flexible connectivity to any health information system, EHR, patient portal, lab, or system with a proprietary interface. It supports widely used formats for health information exchange, including CCDA, X12 Extensible Markup Language, HL7 Accredited Standards Committee X12, and direct protocols. The platform also connects to any SMART on FHIR application.

Standardization: ZuluCare's platform collects and standardizes data for immediate use by users or for sharing with health systems and agencies.

Ready to experience the convenience of a highly efficient document management platform?

Join the healthcare stakeholders already empowered by ZuluExchange and take your healthcare services to the next level. Get in touch with us today to learn more.