Advanced network security measures to keep your data secure

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Strengthen your network security and protect your business from cyberthreats.

In the healthcare industry, network security is more critical than ever. At ZuluCare, we understand the unique challenges facing healthcare organizations in safeguarding patient data and protecting against cyberthreats. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions designed to achieve zero cyber risk and protect your business.

We utilize ZuluCare CyberRisk Profiling, a powerful security intelligence service that combines advanced threat prevention cloud services with dynamic malware analysis, security intel threat feeds, encrypted traffic insights, and infected host risk scoring. With ZuluCare, you can proactively assess the risk posed by compromised or infected hosts within your network.

Our threat intelligence-based actions take place within the advanced threat prevention cloud and are driven by risk scores. With one-touch mitigation capabilities, our platform enables you to swiftly respond to high-risk hosts and mitigate potential threats effectively.

Our full-cycle management approach resolves and remediates cybersecurity threats, providing actionable intelligence and valuable insight to improve your cybersecurity posture. ZuluCare’s platform enables you to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, compliance violations, and sensitive issues early in the development life cycle. Our DevOps best practices and ZuluCloud automation can help alleviate the pressure of fast-paced and complex cloud-native application development, strengthening your network security and protecting your patients’ sensitive data. With our specialized approach to network security in the healthcare industry, you can rest assured that your organization is fully protected from cyberthreats.

These are the benefits you can expect with ZuluCare cybersecurity:

One tool to secure your code across your whole software and modern IT infrastructure

Complete security plan that covers the entire software development process, scanning for vulnerabilities in code templates, container images, open-source packages, and delivery methods

The ability to find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, compliance violations, and sensitive issues earlier in the development life cycle

Support for multiple programming languages, runtime environments, and software frameworks

Consistent security controls from when your software is built to when it is running

Automation of cloud security, automating and unifying incident response and security operations across ZuluCloud

Proactive and fast management of security to keep up with new threats

Automated workflow management for resolving misconfiguration alerts, threat alerts, and unsanctioned/unmanaged cloud asset findings through ZuluCloud incident workflow management

Comprehensive cloud incident life cycle management through a single platform, enabling cross-team collaboration and speeding up investigation

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