Radiology Information System

Selecting the right partner to be responsible for the delivery of your cloud-based radiology system is the first and most important decision in your cloud adoption strategy. While the first step can be the hardest, ZuluRIS makes it easy to utilize our Imaging Cloud at a comfortable pace for your business. With over years of experience in radiology imaging and workflow, ZuluRIS provides clients with peace of mind that we are fully responsible for their success. 

Radiology PACS

  • ZuluRIS is a fully featured PACS that can move images from hospitals in commercial, private, or government facilities.
  • Doctors, nurses, technicians, and radiologists to view DICOM images from anywhere.
  • Smart Work-List uses algorithms and data models to intelligently distribute the workload across multiple subspecialties. 
  • Secure HTTPS DICOM transfer between locations without complex VPN networking strategies.
  • Zero Footprint HTML 5 viewer. o plugins or software installed on client devices

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

  • Cloud-based scalable object storage.
  • Military grade security & full HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud-based platform.
  • Retrospective DICOM data/patient record utilizing query/retrieve or HL7 models. 
  • AI Workflow engine supporting order normalization and validation to improve patient outcomes.
  • Geographically dispersed data centers NJ and TX

Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer

  • View from Anywhere, Anytime.
  • All standard radiology tools.
  • On-the-Go HTML5 web & mobile Viewing.

ZuluCloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

  • Fully Compliant: HIPAA, HITECH, & FedRAMP (ready)
  • HyperScale Nodes 
  • Integrates with the world's most significant public clouds via SDN-enabled connectivity. 
  • Carrier-Grade Communication support for voice, video and text messaging.
  • Kubernetes and containerization leveraged for rapid deployment and portability. 
  • Micro-segmentation for secure services to the services.